Zimbabwe to start exporting beef to Russia

Joseph Made, agriculture minister of Zimbabwe has stated that the southern African country will start exporting beef to the Russian market this year. According to Made, livestock production in Zimbabwe is mainly centered on beef, pork, milk and poultry industries and the main business mission of his nationals in Russia is to analyse manufacturing options for vaccines and medicines for livestock and the development of new technologies in this sector.

The country is also planning to double its exports of beef to Russia and other alternative markets in the European region, stated Made. Zimbabwe’s national cattle herd is estimated to be worth $5.36mn and the government is targeting to raise the figure to $6mn. Made also noted that Zimbabwe used to export beef worth millions of dollars yearly to Russia, however, the country’s beef industry has been struggling for more than a decade since Russia banned meat imports from Zimbabwe. This was due to the outbreak of the foot-and-mouth disease, revealed the agricultural minister.

Before the ban, the country also exported beef to Libya, DR Congo, South Africa and Malaysia, added Made. – www.africanfarming.net