Wanted: agents for HVP

Savoury Food Industries, a subsidiary of Pioneer Foods, one of South Africa’s largest food companies, is looking for customers and agents in the rest of Africa for the HVP (Hydrolysed Vegetable Proteins) flavour ingredients for use in stock cubes, stews, soups and gravies.
HVPs are a mixture of soya and corn gluten and are the key flavourant in many savoury products. They produce strong meaty tastes at cost-effective prices. The use of HVPs is widespread throughout Africa, particularly in the manufacture of stock cubes, where the delivery of strong beef or chicken tastes is required.
While Savoury Foods believes that the basic chicken and beef flavours meet most customer requirements, it will manufacture special flavours such as lamb, oxtail or fish if required.
Savoury Foods, which has been manufacturing flavours in South Africa for over 60 years, is also well positioned to manufacture a wide range of savoury flavours other than HVPs. These include:

  • Brewers Yeast pastes and powders used as taste enhancers and MSG replacers.
  • Blended products such as tomato, onion and garlic replacers where natural products are too expensive or difficult to produce.
  • Spray-dried flavours such as cheese and powdered soft drink flavours (such as orange, lemon etc).

Savoury Foods is able, through its flexible manufacturing  methods, to produce world class products, that satisfy all local Halaal and ISO22000 standards.
Savoury Food: Tel +27-11-309-1615; hmeyer2@pioneerfoods.co.za ; website: www.savouryfoods.co.za