VION launches frozen ready meals with Amcor VentValve

Amcor VentValve has been chosen by Dutch company VION for the launch of its frozen ready meals. Supplied by Amcor Flexibles Raackmann, the Amcor VentValve uses a valve which is integrated in the laminate, and the thermoforming lidding is sealed on a PP tray.  When the consumer cooks the food products, the positive pressure in the packaging ensures uniform heating of the dish and the valve controls the pressure to ensure that the food products is steamed correctly. The quality of the food is optimised as it retains its taste and nutritional value because it is cooked in its own juice.
The laminates of all Amcor's venting systems are produced using the latest types of polymers and film – as thin as possible and mainly constructed as two-ply combinations entailing material savings.
As the laminates are printable, it is possible to save resources and materials by avoiding the additional costs of double-packaging (outer cartons etc).
The concept and the individual sub-components are all approved for food contact in compliance with international requirements and legislation in Europe and the US.
The venting systems have a wide application range: lidding film for PP/PE, PP and PET trays, both VFFS and HFFS formats, and for stand-up-pouches. Additional features such as anti-mist and peelability can be added.
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