UV-C becomes the new norm in food sterilisation and packaging

The growing demand for environmentally friendly and chlorine-free products from both customers and consumers alike has increased the use of UV-C germicidal irradiation technology in the sterilisation of fruit, vegetables, nuts, meat and bread.
South Africa’s Technilamp is one of the country’s leading suppliers of ultraviolet and infrared technology. The company has been in the industry for the past 37 years and designs and manufactures customised equipment to meet specific

Customer needs

Hylton Cowie, Managing Director, says the UV-C range is becoming increasingly popular in the food processing and packaging industries as it is cost effective with low maintenance required. He says the systems are most effectively used during the production process and/or just before final packaging. “We are able to offer customised UV-C equipment, UV-C and ozone off the shelf products to assist in reducing bacteria and improving food shelf life in the manufacturing process. We produce custom designed UV-C solutions for customers using or wanting to use automated conveyor food processing systems and packaging systems, including the control panels,” Cowie explained. Some of the industries that the company has completed projects for include:

Fruit Processing and Packaging:
UV-C is ideal to replace chlorine when washing and sterilising smooth surface fruits and soft fruits such as berries. Also packaged ready-to-eat cut fruits such as those found in retail stores. UV-C germicidal technology can be used in the whole processing process, from replacing chlorine in water, to sterilisation of the fruit and sterilisation of the packaging. “Our company provides UV-C systems for both manual and automated conveyor systems,” he said. He further explained, “We have completed automated conveyor projects for fruit companies that supply
the major retailers in South Africa and the UK”, Cowie said.
“Our UV-C systems sterilise the air in the spiral coolers of large commercial bakeries. This greatly assists with the prevention of mould growth and extends the products shelf life. The benefit to the customer is the ability to extend the distribution and shelf life of the bread.

UV-C is very efficient in killing bacteria in meat. Technilamp offers a unique combination of UV-C and ozone which kills bacteria and prevents the spoilage of meat. “Research undertaken in Australia has confirmed that the system extends the shelf life of hanging meat from 11-22 days.” Cowie further explained that “The systems can be installed in the cool room system at the time of construction or retrospectively.”

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