Unique Flavors and Fragrances:a customer-centric approach from a unique company


Uniquely talented, focused and exclusive – that’s what differentiates Unique Flavors.

Established in 2001, this vibrant company responded to market demands, carving a niche that is customer-centric, quality-oriented and service-driven.


Unique Flavors takes its brand promise seriously and delivers uncompromised quality. It is more than just about product; it’s about the customers’ needs and interaction with them.

Also, all employees understand that it is customers that drive business. Customer relationships are never compromised. Relationships are established from a history of proven integrity.

The food flavouring industry has a broad customer base with specific demands. Unique Flavors never differentiates between small- or large-volume businessed. Customers are assured of the best, a commitment never compromised.

Unique Flavors complies with all standards set by food safety governing organisations (it is an ISO22000-certified company) as well as religious compliance (Kosher, Halaal).

In this industry you have to deliver superior quality every time. Unique Flavors develops its own top-note flavours and fragrances to offer value for money, exceptional quality and maintain constant prices.

Unique Flavors constantly competes with itself to maintain standards. Each product inspires a better one.

But it’s more than products. A policy of continuous self development aims to drive employees to improve the way things are done.

This means continually improving, taking productivity and service to new heights.

Unique Flavors can be contacted on:

Tel +27 12 644 0334 or +27 12 644 0336, or at info@uniqueflavors.co.za ;

Website: www.uniqueflavors.co.za