Turnkey solar bakery package

The oven is available with a 150-piece turnkey Sun-Bakery package that enables the creation of a self-sustaining enterprise to turn out freshly baked goods, while creating jobs and eliminating the cost of fuel.

Operators can be trained in a matter of hours and the $12,600 package includes:
– 1 trailer-mounted Villager Sun Oven® (easy to transport and secure for storage)
– Collapsible reflector assembly: set up takes 10 minutes and folding down only 5 minutes for convenient transport and storage
– Easy Track tracking system (adjusts to follow the sun)
– Propane back-up system with two 20lb propane tanks to allow 24 hour/day operation
– Standard accessories: trailer levelling leg, trailer dolly, 2 jack stands and 3 oven thermometers
– 108 durable bread pans
– 20 cake pans
– 6 flat pans
– 2 heavy-duty rolling pins
– 1 large oven peel
– 2 dough scrapers
– 6 hot pads
– 1 rugged insect-proof flour bin
– 1 wire whip
– 2 large mixing bowls
Website: www.sunoven.com