Turnkey equipment for chips

With increasing demand in Africa for corn-based snacks, American Extrusion International – represented by Snackquip in Africa – has developed an innovative way to produce Fabricated Tortilla Corn Chips from its already-flexible Advantage Series extruders.
American Extrusion Technology solves many problems associated with traditional tortilla chip systems.
/~Where the traditional technology requires a huge capital investment, a large area for production, and a difficult process revolving around cooking the corn with wastewater effluent problems, the American Extrusion process is extremely simple with much lower investment and no wastewater effluent.
In addition, the American Extrusion Advantage Series extruder is capable of producing hundreds of different products including: croutons, corn puffs, breakfast cereals, confectionery fillers, biodegradable packing material, cream-filled snacks, etc.
Many of these lines are running successfully around the globe. Recipes are not limited to corn only. The process can use rice, wheat, potato and other starches or grains.
The product can be produced in many two-dimensional shapes and can be fried or baked.
For videos, animations and other information on the process, please visit www.americanextrusion.com .
Snackquip completes its turnkey snack and confectionery/sweet-making solutions by offering the best value for quality multi-head scales and baggers from Masipack of Brazil.
These state-of-the-art, but very simple-to-use, machines can pack up to 150 packets per minute, depending on product.
Visit www.masipack.com.br .
Snackquip has these machines for viewing on its showroom floor, near Johannesburg, South Africa.
Please call us to see Masipack’s new Island quad-bagger assembly with distribution system.
In the next issue we will detail more of Snackquip’s exciting innovations.
Snackquip: Tel +27-11-965-0582; sales@snack-quip.com