Tsk, tsk, it’s tea Tstix

It’s not a teabag, it’s a Tstix®! If you like your tea, but don’t like fishing or dangling a string with a teabag over a hot cup of water, hoping always that you will find a place to hide your used, brown and dripping teabag – then you are in luck. Tstix comes as a long slender foil laminate tube, with over 1,100 micro-perforation holes in its sides, designed in a diamond pattern.
Tstix is a teabag and teaspoon in one. No strings, tags or mess afterwards.
To use Tstix, hold it like a spoon, but instead of letting it sit passively in hot water like a teabag, actively stir it to the tea strength you like.
It might be the world’s fastest hot cup of tea, or instant coffee – where the Tstix replaces the need for spooned coffee, and for a spoon to stir it. The Tstix company is not a tea or coffee company, but a licensing company, specialising in micro-perforation technology.
A number of large tea and coffee producers are looking to manufacture their brand of Tstix, according to Tstix.
Tstix: licensing@tstix.eu ; website: www.tstix.eu