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Jannderee, an indigenous South African flavour company recently reached an agreement with a newly-formed Nigerian company, Novipro, in terms of which Jannderee will be represented in the West African market by Novipro.
The CEO of Novipro Ltd, Sobo Onasanya, has had over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage sectors. He has run Biochemical Derivatives Ltd (BDL) which represents DSM Nutritional Products (DSM) in the Human Nutrition Division of the business for about 10 years. This involves selling vitamins and other micronutrients into the relevant business sectors.
Novipro is involved from the point of conceptualisation of the food product to the point of product launch using Jannderee as the flavour supplier. Chris Young, MD of Jannderee, says the formation of Novipro is a reflection of the rapid development of the Nigerian food processing industry following government measures to encourage it – as well as Jannderee's successful experience in exporting to Africa.
In East Africa, Jannderee is likewise seeking a company in the food industry which has ingredients as part of its portfolio, to represent and partner with it in developing products locally.
Young says that the advantage in dealing with Jannderee is that it is a stand-alone, South African company which is already successful in the rest of Africa and understands the continent.
It has been successful, he says, because of its own local manufacture of flavours, competitive pricing and a high degree of service.
Extensive external validation is provided by its Halaal, Kosher and ISO 22000 food safety management system certifications, and the fact that it supplies multinationals currently within South Africa. Young says the main motivation for Jannderee gaining ISO 22000 accreditation was to create a system of continuous improvement and credibility in the marketplace internationally regarding food safety, HACCP and good manufacturing practices  (GMPs).
No international principals
Jannderee deliberately does not have international principals because of the cost implications and the tendency of local subsidiaries to become too reliant upon their overseas principals, says Young. He says Jannderee's independence imparts flexibility to it, and can result in considerable price advantage  and service in the purchase of flavours for its clients.
Jannderee, unfettered by overhead costs related to overseas principals, has a larger staff of food technologists and flavourists per unit of turnover than some of its multinational competitors operating in South Africa. Currently 40% of Jannderee's staff is made up of food scientists and food technologists.
Says Young: "Our products compete with those of international companies  and the proof is in the acceptance of these flavours by local and multinational food companies alike."
Fast service
Jannderee manufactures in South Africa, buying  raw materials from the source suppliers around the globe. Its internal team is well integrated, so it is able to turn requests around quickly and courier a whole range of products, with application recipes, at short notice.
Jannderee has particular specialisations in the confectionery, savoury foods, snack food and beverages industries.
While African taste profiles in confectionery and beverages are largely similar to European profiles, Jannderee routinely custom-develops profiles for powdered savoury snack seasonings (for instance, beef and chicken profiles, meat flavours and soups) for its African clients and partners.
Jannderee recently invested heavily in upgrading its beverage emulsion plant. Its beverage flavour capacity extends to carbonated drinks, still drinks, alcoholic beverages, cordials and powdered drinks.
Jannderee's facilities in Isando, near Johannesburg, include:

  • Separate sweet and savoury creation and application laboratories.
  • Separate sweet and savoury production facilities.
  • Bulk raw  material  warehouse
  • Separate savoury and sweet prebatching -compounding areas.
  • A full quality control laboratory. Samples of all formulations are kept for two years for traceability purposes.

Jannderee: Tel +27-11-974-7822;
fax +27-11-974-7859;