South African dry foods maker seeking new territory

A South African market leader (in quantity and quality) in the production/packing of bulk industrial/catering powdered foodstuffs and food ingredients, dry-blended or spray-dried, wants to explore joint ventures and other business associations/arrangements to gain penetration into new markets and new market segments. It wants to entertain proposals from companies which might have access for all of its products into markets in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
Its products span 18 different product groupings and 300-400 product formulations, using 600-700 raw materials.
The products range from soups to stews, cold drinks, sponge cake mixtures, spice blends, jellies, custards, breakfast porridges, breakfast juices, batter mixes, etc.
Almost all are ready-to-eat. The majority just require hot/cold water or milk to be added for them to be ready for serving – most major catering customers require products needing only simple preparation.
Nutritional Foods, contact Hannes Terblanche: Tel +27-82-9014305;