Solar pumps from All Power

All Power is a South African specialist company, based in Port Elizabeth, that produces and sells the Watermax range of positive displacement solar-powered submersible water pumps. The pumps are used to draw water from rivers, dams and boreholes. Terry Moss, the founder of the company and a former national saloon-car champion, says: "Maintaining ordinary boreholes is labour-intensive and requires heavy maintenance. Our products replace all the mechanics of the windmill. Maintenance costs are low compared with diesel or wind-powered pumps."
The company's latest range, the Watermax Penta, has been developed for applications requiring flow rates of 1,600 litres per hour – up to 13,000 litres a day.
Moss started designing the pumps in 1987, but it was not until 1990 that the first prototype was completed.
"We approached overseas companies that trade in solar-powered implements and started exchanging information, which resulted in our pumps being tested by the University of Neubiberg in Munich, Germany, in 1998 and 1999."
The university's endorsement of the quality of the technology was the foot in the door that All Power needed. Although much of Europe is urbanised, Moss found that there were still many rural areas that did not have access to power and these represented a market for All Power's products.
Solar-operated pumps have many advantages: they are silent, do not need fuel or lubricating oils and are regarded as the most environmentally-friendly pump available. A disadvantage is that they do not pump at night.
All Power's pumps are constructed of high-quality bronze and stainless steel, ensuring that they last for years. "We realized the importance of the pumps being service-friendly and therefore developed products that can be serviced by customers themselves," Moss says.
All Power's main customer bases are in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Greece, Brazil, Botswana and Lesotho.
Moss says African countries should be making use of solar power more than they do, since so many have poor infrastructure and plenty of sunshine for much of the year.
"The potential of the African market is huge. Many African communities are rural, and don't have running water or electricity.  Our products can improve their lives in a significant way," he says.
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