Soft drink and fruit juice problems solved

By Philip Ashurst and Bob Hargitt
Price: $210 without post. 185 pages How do I select the right intense sweetener for my product? Do small changes in packaging need extensive trials? How much data is needed before development starts? How much does water quality affect soft drinks?
Expert answers to these and many other questions that arise during the development, manufacture, packaging and distribution of soft drinks, fruit juices and packaged waters can be found in this convenient reference book. cape_food_-sde.jpg
Arranged in a practical question-and-answer format, information can be found quickly and easily, whether the book is being used as a basic source of information, a problem-solving manual or a training tool.
Chapters review issues relating to beverage ingredients, manufacturing, product quality, packaging, storage and distribution. A section on bottled waters is also included. Final chapters cover ways of handling consumer complaints and environmental and regulatory issues.
Written by authors with extensive industrial experience, this book will be an essential reference and problem-solving manual for professionals and trainees in the beverage industry.
Philip Ashurst has been involved in the beverage, brewing, flavour and extract industries in both technical and general management roles for many years. Now a consultant, he specialises in the scientific, financial and legal aspects of the beverage industry worldwide.
Bob Hargitt has worked in R&D and technical management roles in the brewing and soft drinks industries for 34 years and is currently Technical Executive at the British Soft Drinks Association.
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