Snackquip’s new range of snack food processing equipment

Snackquip (Pty) Ltd, one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of snack food processing equipment, recently launched its own range of high capacity machinery, to meet the growing demands of thebooming snack industry in Africa.

Puffs extruder line
The range opens with a 250kg/hr “puffs” extruder, facilitating the manufacture of a large range of direct expanded products.
These would typically include curls, pop-tcorn, balls and onion ring styled-products. More advanced tooling allows for the production of soft-filled centre products, pre-fabricated corn chips and some breakfast cereals. The complete line would include options of rotary or inline belt dryers and advance flavouring systems to offer a uniformly coated product.

Naks extrusion line
Snackquip also has a complete Naks extrusion line ranging from 200kg/hr for a single extruder option, up to 1,000kg/hr.

The fully automated fryers offer all of the bells and whistles, including automatic oil level top up, electric hoodlift, inline filtration and external heat exchangers. This allows clients throughout Africa to select the heat source of choice – either diesel, gas or electric.
Popcorn lines
Complete hot air popcorn lines from 90kg/hr upward are available with options to coat with savoury, sugar or caramel.
Potato processing lines
Snackquip’s joint representation with Wintech Taparia, allows us to offer customers a comprehensive range of potato processing lines, ranging from 200kg/hr up to 1,000kg/hr. Wintech’s 24 years of experience in this field offers our clients the latest technology. The equipment is extremely well suited to the African continent, as this technology can produce a high quality chip from raw potatoes that are not necessarily preconditioned.

Value-added services
We tailor make complete turnkey solutions with multiple flavouring systems, fully integrated distribution systems and packaging machinery to each client’s requirements.

Snackquip is a member of SASFO (south African Savoury and Snack Food Organisation).
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