Small scale production unit tunnels aid two local crèches’ feeding programmes

Haygrove South Africa this year donated a small scale production unit tunnel to two crèches in the Western Cape’s local
community of Hermanus. The aim of the tunnels is to assist with vegetable growth to supplement the crèches’ feeding schemes for the children who attend.“The fresh vegetables not only ensure a nutritious meal for the young minds, but also create an interest in small scale farming and teaching the children to grow their own food at home,” the UKbased Haygrove stated.
The establishment of one of the crèches, Thandi crèche, was a project sponsored by a group residing in the UK.
The other crèche is also situated in the local area and was established by a community member who identified a need for caregiving in the less privileged areas of Cape Town.
Each of the institution’s projects employs a gardener who maintains the tunnels a few days a week. According to Haygrove, the company has committed to ensuring the gardeners are properly trained so as to equip them for the optimal and efficient
management of each tunnel. “We are committed to supply these projects with mentorship and support that will result in the success of the tunnels and ensure that the children will benefit from eating fresh vegetables year round,” the company added on its website.
According to Haygrove Development, a non-profit division of Haygrove, it aims to become more involved in projects.
The company said: “We are currently busy designing a product pack for similar projects, which will include a tunnel, training, fertiliser, organic fungicides, a basic seed pack and farming equipment. These product packs can then be bought by corporate companies that want to invest in social development projects or charity organisations that want to invest in a sustainable development project. This will significantly reduce poverty, malnutrition and food insecurities.”
– Haygrove South Africa: