Small-scale chicken farming in your backyard

Although there are many variations of chicken coops and related products on the market, Nkoko has been designed with the small and emerging farmer in mind.

Its inventor Philip Kilian from Kiki Agri (Pty) Ltd describes this “chicken house” as affordable, fully equipped and providing unlimited opportunities for anyone who wants to be successful

in their pursuit of becoming a chicken farmer.
Poultry is the biggest and fastest growing meat sector in South Africa, and the Nkoko 20 promotes controlled speed and ease in the process of raising broiler chickens. These chickens are specially developed to grow tender meat in a very short period of time – they are ready to consume or sell in approximately 42 days.
Kilian says that farming with the Nkoko can start within a short time as the “house” is easy to assemble with two people simply following the steps in the instruction manual. “No experience, low capital input and minimum space is required by the farmer. The grower’s manual is simple to read and understand.
The Nkoko broiler comes with guidelines and record-keeping per batch. It explains a measured farming approach, resulting in birds weighing in excess of 2.3 to 2.5kg each on day 42 (live weight). Farmers are also exposed to entrepreneurial skills development in the Nkoko training manual to assist them in establishing their own markets.” Manufacturing and materials The Nkoko structure has a steel frame with a smart lightweight design. “It is easy to transport the components, assemble, and is rust-resistant. The powder-coated cladding is durable and the premium 550gm PVC tarpaulin is manufactured by professional tent makers in South Africa. The cladding is cat and dog-proof, rodent-resistant and UV protected,” says Kilian.
The equipment supplied for this turnkey operation includes a ground sheet, tube feeders, water feeders, infrared and white lamps, a thermometer, a 3kg kitchen scale, grower’s manual, day old chicks, feed and saw-dust.
There are three Nkoko models to choose from at affordable prices:
1. Nkoko 20 – 2m² turnkey house
2. Nkoko 50 – 4m² turnkey house
3. Nkoko 100 – 8m² turnkey house
Available outside South African borders – terms and conditions apply for delivery, etc.
Contact Marianna du Plessis at Agrifica for the price list.
Tel: +27 0 12 804 9729;