Simple sustainable energy solutions win Ashden awards

A simple treadle pump that has helped thousands of farmers in Eastern India out of poverty was voted Outstanding Achievement of the 2009 Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy.
A scheme that produces portable, cheap and efficient wood-burning stoves in high volume production for global distribution, was this year’s Energy Champion. The Ashden Awards highlight inspiring sustainable energy solutions in the developing world, to promote awareness about them.  See: /international
The treadle pump
Called "the farmer’s friend", it was developed by International Development Enterprises India (IDEI). It is a low-cost device used for pumping water for irrigation. It has two treadles which operate metal pump-cylinders and lift water through a rigid plastic tube-well from a shallow aquifer, or surface pond.
Independent manufacturers, retailers and installers are trained, licenced, supported and quality-checked by IDEI. It is innovatively marketed, using Bollywood-style films. So far 750,000 treadle pumps and 295,000 drip irrigation systems have been manufactured and sold. In India, the pump costs $20-$32, and $11 for the tube-well and installation.
Working a pump for two to eight hours per day provides water to irrigate a smallholding and grow one or sometimes two additional crops per year.
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