Refreezable soft serve sachets

Refreezeable soft-serve dairy ice cream in individual sachets are being sold in major retailers in South africa, and have potential for marketing elsewhere in Africa. The product is generally frozen in the shop, but is soft-servre once the consumer eats it because it has melted slightly. It can, however, be refrozen.
Classic Brands has launched the range of 125ml sachets under the American Parlor brand. The format will also be used for housebrands of some South African retailers.
This is the first time that dairy ice cream in this format has being rolled out to the Soiuth African retail market, and the response has been excellent according to Classic Brands, especially given its competitive pricing of around than $0.60/unit and the fact that, unlike the ice lolly, it can be refrozen once defrosted. These attributes makes the product suitable for lower end markets and hawkers, traders, catering institutions and school tuck shops have indicated interest.
American Parlor offers five flavours, packed in boxes of 50 units. The box is designed to be used as a presentation pack in island and upright freezers. The five variants are Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana and Bubblegum. A multipack containing a variety of flavours in a branded plastic wrapper is also available.
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