Reduced Costs

Reduced costs and better products are possible – if you use the right ingredients


As market prices continue to rise, particularly due to ever-increasing fuel prices, the baking industry seeks alternatives to cut costs and increase profit margins while maintaining quality. There are ways for bakers to maintain, or even improve, quality while still keeping costs down.

This is what International Fine Ingredients (IFI) specialises in – by combining expert assistance to bakers with the supply of optimal enzymes .and preservatives from the world’s leading manufacturers.

For example, IFI’s new release of Veron® HF from AB enzymes .allows replacement of 50% of the gluten in a formulation, thereby reducing costs substantially without any loss in quality. In addition, the product has a distinct stabilising effect on dough systems. The final baked goods also have an attractive baking volume with excellent break-and-shred properties.

IFI carries a wide range of enzymes, some of which include:

· Veron® 292, a highly concentrated fungal xylanase derived from Aspergillus niger. It reaches even higher volumes with finer pore structures than its predecessor – Veron 191, which bakers have appreciated for many years to increase volumes and improve dough quality.

· Veron® M4, a pure fungal alpha-amylase for the regulation of gasing and fermentation properties. The result is all-round improvement in dough properties, machinability, volume and crumb structure.

· Veron® Amylofresh, a bacterial amylase that plays an important role in freshness, and therefore consumer acceptance, of the final product. This amylase, although initially developed for wheat products, works exceptionally well in sweet dough – and has been found to be superior to comparable enzymes .in the market. Amylofresh doubles the shelf life of baked goods such as doughnuts, brioches, cakes and muffins. In addition, the enzyme develops (and maintains) a delicious, luscious taste of freshness in these baked goods.

For calcium propionate/acetate and sodium diacetate, IFI is the exclusive local distributor for Kemira (Verdugt), the undisputed leader in the supply of organic acids and salts to the baking industry.

These products meet or exceed international quality standards and are produced in certified facilities.

IFI, together with its expert suppliers, is totally focused on the results that bakers need from enzymes .and preservatives – both in quality and costs. Whether you need technical assistance, a reliable supply of ingredients or innovative solutions – you can find it all at IFI.

IFI is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tel +27 (0) 11 886 6613 or visit the website to see the full range: