“New factory” filling machines for Fabrique de Produits in Congo

Filmatic Packaging Systems an engineering company from Paarl, South Africa, recently installed a number of liquid fillers for a new factory for milk and juice of Fabrique de Produits of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. The main filling line for juice was a good fit for a Filmatic monoblock to rinse, fill and cap a variety of PET bottles from 250ml to 1.5 litres.
For pouches, Filmatic supplied a Filmatic vertical form fill and seal pouch filler in pillow pouches; to complete the range, a Filmatic indexing rotary time filler is used to do milk and drinking yoghurt in PET bottles.  
Features of the Filmatic RR8/FRL8/N2 are a curved base for cleanliness and hygiene, optional electric height settings of filling and capping turrets, the capping heads move down to the container resulting in a stable container, and enhanced capping efficiency. Cap changes can be done without touching the caps. A fully automated CIP (clean in place) system is offered to ensure excellent hygiene standards.
 The Filmatic FXT2/CXCS1/185 is an entry-level rotary indexing filler that can also label, date code and cap a range of container sizes from 200ml to 5-litres.  The self-adhesive label applicator is adjustable for various label sizes in roll form on a round container and can do up to 150° of the circumference; it can also apply a one-panel label on square containers.  The Filmatic pouch filler fills sour milk into a range of pouches up to 2,200pph.
For enquiries contact Filmatic at Tel 021-862 2192; fax 021-862 4605; sales@filmatic.com