Propak debuts in East Africa in April

Propak has developed into the largest expo for the food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, as well as the general packaging and printing industries in South Africa over the past 20 years. The concept was successfully replicated and launched in West Africa in 2012, and will debut in the East African region at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi from 1-3 April.“With 20 countries and over 400 million people, the future of Kenya and the wider East African region is set to be huge, making it a highly attractive place for inward investment and inside growth,” says Alexander Angus, Montgomery Exhibitions’ business development manager. “Kenya’s population has doubled in the last 25 years and its dependency ratio (children and elderly against the working population) is set to become one of the lowest in the world, which suggests a great deal of optimism towards the local economy.”
“Additionally, the manufacturing sector has experienced consistent growth and is becoming one of the main pillars of Kenya’s
economy, contributing 14% of the country’s GDP. With over 2,500 companies within the industry that employ up to 500,000 people, this sector is currently attracting a great deal of interest.
“An event such as Propak East Africa is of vital importance for the manufacturing industry, which has varying levels of dated equipment and systems, because it allows visitors an opportunity to source new products and systems that will allow their companies to become more efficient and ultimately more profitable. These improvements will in turn enable them to increase trade, employ more people and grow alongside the Kenyan economy,” Angus states.
He adds that the inaugural Propak East Africa exhibition is set to live up to its international reputation as it has thus far attracted companies from more than 12 countries, ranging from the US, UK and Taiwan to Dubai, Egypt and South Africa.
“The profile of exhibitors at Propak East Africa is deliberately broad, to allow visitors the chance to see many different products
within their fields. The most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology and equipment will be on display. For some of these products, the exhibition will be their launch pad in the region, thereby adding even more value to the show for visitors and exhibitors alike.
“We are also very aware that visitors to the exhibition are an integral aspect of its success, and will ensure that the show runs continuously in the future. Senior individuals from the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as the general packaging and printing industries are being invited to ensure that exhibitors talk directly with decision-makers.
“The quality of an exhibition is another integral part of its success and Propak East Africa has all the ingredients to thrive as it is being collaboratively organised by Montgomery Exhibitions of London and Eco Ltd of Kenya,” says Angus. “Montgomery has been running exhibitions for 115 years and currently offers 35 exhibitions and events throughout Africa. With this market being like no other, we really know what it takes to succeed and to run professional exhibitions. Eco Ltd ran the original packaging and printing show for the East African region. We believe that their local exhibition knowledge combined with Montgomery’s international experience and the Propak brand, will make Propak East Africa a must-attend event within the region.”
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