Pro-Pak closing/heat sealing machines

The RS Series of bag closing/heat sealing machines from Pro-Pak are designed for the closing of all types of heat-sealable plastic film and laminates. In recent times, these machines have been extensively used for the closing of the now very popular stand-up pouch. They offer extremely reliable and fast sealing of these pouches at a very modest price. The RS series sealers are available as a complete bag closing line, with its own integral, synchronised conveyor, or as a sealer head only, suitable for mounting onto or next to an existing conveyor or line.
The latest addition to our range is the RS-III Heavy Duty bag sealer, designed specifically for, but not limited to, the closing of 50kg open mouth fertiliser bags under extremely harsh conditions. This machine has demonstrated the lowest maintenance cost of any imported machine in a similar application, and the initial capital cost of the RS-III is a fraction of that of the imported counterparts.
The pro-Pak RS sealers work on the continuous principle, whereby the bag to be sealed is guided through a set of heating stations where heat and pressure is applied simultaneously to ensure a seal stronger than the bag itself. A cooling station finishes the seal, allowing immediate handling of the bag upon exiting the sealer. The RS series machines offer maximum flexibility, minimum downtime and easy maintenance. All adjustments on the machine are quick and easy.
Pro-Pak has also launched a range of weighing and filling machines, form manually operated counterbalance types, to fully automatic electronic machines. These filling machines offer unsurpassed accuracy at highly competitive prices. We are able to offer our machinery at unbeatable prices because we manufacture everything in-house, including the electronics and software. Thus we do not have to rely on third-party technology suppliers as do our competitors in most instances.
Pro-Pak also offers a full range of processing machines from mixers, mills to bag filling machines – call for details.
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