Paint to insulate buildings

Envirocoat Coat PC200 waterproof and thermo-shield paint has the remarkable and unique characteristics that it insulates, resulting in cooling/retention of heat to the same extent as better-known insulators. The applications for this are many in Africa – from insulating geysers to painting corrugated iron roofs and shacks. All this is besides the paint’s waterproofing and sound insulation properties.
The paint, which is commonly used in Taiwan, where it originated over a decade ago, is protected by patent. It is now being marketed in Africa by a South African company, DAR Group. The paint costs a similar amount to premium quality paint and is best applied by spray gun – but it can be applied by brush. The paint comes with a 10-year quality warranty.Flowcrete
The paint consists of a mixture of water-based acrylic resins and hollow particles, making it waterproof and weather-resistant.
According to DAR Group, hollow particles in Coat PC200 swell in accordance with temperature changes, creating more air in the coating under warm conditions, which forms the insulating layer. For the same reason the coating provides sound insulation and can reduce noise by 4-10 decibels.
The company recommends applying the coating in a thickness of 0.5mm-1mm to reflect 95% of radiation heat, and prevent dew from forming on wall and roof surfaces. DAR Group says that the thermal penetration and thermal emission prevented by using the Coat PC200 coating, reduces temperature differences and saves on energy. It therefore has a significant effect in many situations – for instance, the costs of running a building’s air conditioners can be sharply reduced.
Envirocoat Coat PC200 is available in white, light grey, light green, light yellow, pink, and light blue.
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