One-stop fabricator of affordable processing equipment

Are you an agri-processor with an end-product in mind, but unsure how to achieve it?

South African manufacturer John F Marshall not only stocks a wide range of equipment suitable for small/medium-sized and rural processors, but is also geared to service customers from initial concept through to delivery of product and market advice.

The company exports as far as Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, the Ivory Coast and Nigeria.
John F Marshall, a subsidiary of specialist metal fabricator Vera Cruz, began 20 years ago by producing rabbit cages and rabbit breeding accessories. Since then it has evolved as a market leader in the manufacture and supply of a full range of poultry equipment, stocking various types and configuration of layer cages and nesting boxes both for subsistence or entry-level operations and for commercial operators.
The comprehensive range of poultry abattoir equipment includes stunner/bleeder units, a variety of scalders, feather pluckers, portioning equipment, knife sterilizers and eviscerating troughs.
The company manufactures a range of high-quality steel egg incubators with a capacity from 48 to 1,200 eggs per cycle. Various configurations of controllers and semi- or fully-automated tiltings systems can be built into the units
Equipment suitable for quails, ostrich and emus is available on request.
But John F Marshall has much more. Its showroom floor in Germiston, near Johannesburg, displays a range of equipment and business systems:
•     Agro-processing systems such as peanut butter grinders; seed and peanut dehullers; gas roasters; jam boiling
•     Bakery systems, including hand dough mixers.
•     Electric and solar driers for fruit, vegetables, biltong, fish, herbs and mopane worms.
•     Cold-press oil seed extraction systems capable of processing 30kg/hour of seeds manually, or 300kg/hour electricity-driven; also, marula nut presses.
•     Juice pulpers; gas and electric fruit and dairy pasteurisers.
•     Liquid packaging machines, such as semi-automatic bottle fillers and sealers; manual juice fillers; form, fill and seal liquid packaging systems.
•     Grain processing equipment; brick and block production machinery; wire fencing equipment, etc.
All of these business opportunities come with full technical support service. Also, practical training of staff can be arranged to ensure an efficient operation, says David Cole, technical manager of John F Marshall.
Cole has extensive experience in small and medium-sized processing equipment and rural applications.
He was previously technical manager at Rutec, the now-defunct South African micro-economic delivery agency. There, he developed many affordable, simple-to-operate production systems.
Says Cole: “Entrepreneurs with an idea are welcome to talk to us. We will advise on sustainability and affordability, without compromising on quality. We have professional designers on site so we can take an idea from inception right through to installation.”
Cole: Tel +27 11 842-7115; fax + 27 11 872-1078;