One Million Tea Seedlings for Tanzanian farmers (Tanzania)

The Tanzania Small Holders Tea Development Agency (TASHTDA) is scheduled to provide one million more tea seedlings to hundreds of farmers in the Northern Tarime District of Mara Region.TASHTDA Director General Mustafa Umande said the demand for tea seedlings in Tarime lately has been increasing. “Many people in Tarime have started cultivating tea and the demand is huge. We will give them one million tea seedlings as soon as the rain season starts.” According to Umande, the government has in recent years been supporting introduction of tea as an additional cash crop in Tarime where farmers have only been relying on Arabica coffee as their major cash crop.
Thus far there are 80 hectares of tea farms in various villages of the district and harvesting is underway in 60 hectares while one million seedlings would help to generate 80 more hectares of tea farms in the area, “production of more tea seedlings will continue and aim is to have 500 hectares of tea farms in the region.”
TASHTDA has opened an office in Tarime that works in collaboration with Tarime District Council and Tarime Tea Growers Association (TATEGA) to ensure introduction of tea bears fruit in the area. Government extension officers estimate that the number of farmers in Tarime has now reached more than 500. –