One Cafe winner

Aromatic coffee bags from Uganda that are packaged and distributed by Swedish company One Cafe, won the packaging category of the recent London-based Food Processing Awards. Freshly-roasted coffee from the Mt Elgon region is ground and immediately packaged in individual filter bags – similar to tea bags – embossed in such a way that they hold the fine ground coffee. These bags are then packaged in a bean-imitation container made from water- resistant moulded banana fibre and bottom-sealed with laminate. A tag with the slogan ''Gifted by Nature'', which was launched last year to market Uganda abroad, completes the patented packaging, which is also co-branded by Ugandan coffee growers. But what really impressed the awards judges was that the groove in the ''bean'' rests neatly over the side of a cup. Once opened, the filter bag containing 9g of coffee is released into the coffee cup, over which hot water is poured to brew it.
When the coffee is ready, strings running through the ''bean'' and the bag are used to pull the bag back into the drip-cup.
Currently, about 4,000 packs per day are packaged by hand at One Cafe's processing plant in Tororo, Uganda. The single-portion coffee bags are currently packaged into 500g gift boxes that are sold at selected retailers, gift shops and airports.
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