New urinal sanitation product (South Africa)

Greenworx Bio Cleaning Solutions in association with European entrepreneur and joint patent holder Matt Read, has designed and manufactured a urinal accessory called P-Island, which it claims eliminates splash-back by more than 90% thanks to three significant features.

“Firstly, the P-Island includes unique hygiene elements, such as impregnated, slow-release fragrance that can last up to 30 days or 2,000 flushes. Secondly, the biological disc is housed in a basket attached to the undercarriage of the device and releases bio-enzymes to treat and eradicate malodours that are emitted from the urinal system. Lastly, the product is made up of a series of curved, irregular nodules (peaks and troughs) resembling a bed of stone pebbles placed on a curved shape. By orienting them this way, the leading edge is always tangential to the stream of urine, reducing back-splash,” says Donovan Hawker, technical manager at Greenworx Bio Cleaning Solutions.
The product is completely recyclable, and can be used on conventional or waterless urinals, as a result of its universal design and anti-slip polymer feature.
Hawker adds that P-Island recently won a Golden Broom Award, which is bestowed on only five of the companies/products on show at the International Cleaning and Hygiene Convention held in Warsaw, Poland.