Morocco Invests $1.18m in meat industry training

The Moroccan employment and training industry has teamed up with the country’s top processor Koutoubia Holdings to train 3,000 young people to work in the meat slaughtering and processing industry by 2016.

The project, costing a total of MAD10m ($1.18m), aims to guarantee a job to young people at a time when school drop-out rates are peaking, and to secure qualified staff for the meat processing industry.
In the first phase of the programme, Koutoubia’s Training Centre in Mohammedia – which has a capacity of 1,200 students – will be used, but the government plans to open two more training facilities in Bouskoura and Settat by 2016.
Four courses will be offered to students, and Koutoubia employees will also have the option to get a diploma validating their experience, allowing non-trained staff to get recognition outside the company. –