More water for your dough

South Africa-based National Bread Improvers has formulated an enzyme blend that allows bakers to add 2-5% extra water to their dough. Aquamax 0.1%, which comprises enzymes, fibre and bulking agents, is described by Cherry Elcott of National Bread Improvers as "a unique water retention improver to assist with increased water absorption, using the latest enzyme technology". 
"Aquamax provides excellent baking results for all kinds of yeast-raised baked goods, especially white and brown breads and buns in straight or sponge and dough processes," she says.
Aquamax  is added to a mix at 0.1% to flour weight to increase water adsorption, which results in an increased yield. The 0.1% dosage is based on flour weight; water content is increased at increments of 2% until optimal levels are reached.
NBI focuses only on enzymes .for baking, sourcing the enzymes .from leading European manufacturers. It offers enzymes .and cocktails for bread baking, but does not produce premixes. Its products are used by mills and bakery ingredients manufacturers – both in SA and the rest of Africa.
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