Mobile drinking water system

A South African supplier of water purification equipment offers a mobile unit that produces up to 10,000 litres per hour of safe drinking water from any water source. The patented system is mounted onto a trailer or other transportable platform and placed close to the water source, within reach of the suction hose.
A choice of petrol, diesel or electric pumps is available.  If fitted with a power generator, ultra-violet sterilisation is an additional option.
Water is pumped into the system which, through a complex process of flocculation and ozone sterilisation, doses the water.
After precipitation, the water goes through various multimedia filters that process the water and remove any solids, colour, taste, odour and metal residue.
Test valves and inspection windows allow for visual evaluation and assist in backwashing and rinsing.
Once the water has gone through the system, the result is clear, hygienic water suitable for human consumption. The system is simple to use, requires only minimal operation and maintenance instruction and minor filter changes.
Application varies from rural to urban informal settlements, farms, construction sites and as an emergency water delivery source in cities during crises.
Designed and built in South Africa, these patented units are in demand from all over Africa.
The largest unit costs, withour trailer, about $20,000. Trailers cost around $4,000.
A small unit, suitable for domestic use, is also available. It produces up to 3,000 litres per hour and can be lifted on to the back of a pick-up truck by two people.
Without pump, this unit costs about $1,400.
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