Marula as an ingredient and the juice product continues to gain ground in South Africa. South African marula products company Promagold has extended its range of marula juice concentrates with ready-to-drink,100% pure juices. The juices are produced from pulp produced at the Amarula factory in Phalaborwa and sold under the Marula Gold label in 500ml bottles. Variants available are Marula, Marula Mango and Marula Litchi. No sugar is added to these. Marula juice lends itself to being a mixer in drinks served at hotels, game lodges, sports bars and restaurants that cater for tourists.
Marula relish, jelly, syrup and preserved marula fruit is available under the Ouma Sue's label.
Marula, botanically known as Sclerocarya birrea, only occurs in the warm, frost-free regions of southern Africa. It is one of the most sought-after wild fruit trees among rural people, who not only eat the fruit and brew beer from it, but also use the bark as remedy for many maladies.
Currently all fruit harvested stems from naturally-occurring trees. However, marula trees are being planted in regions of Limpopo province in order to counteract deforestation. Experimental enobling of the tree, to produce fruit with more flesh and smaller stones, is also underway.
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