Mango farmers to benefit from new soft drink plant (Uganda)

At least 17,000 farmers will be beneficiaries of Century Bottling Company’s establishment of a juice manufacturing plant.

Speaking in Kampala recently, during the launch of the Minute Maid mango juice, Basil Gadzios, MD of Century Bottling Co, said the firm has committed itself to work with about 17,000 small-

scale mango farmers in eastern Uganda to supply the fruits.
The firm has invested about $15 million to put up the plant.
Minute Maid is a product of the Century Bottling Co, which also manufactures global brands Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite.
Uganda has number of juice making firms including, Delight Supplies, Riham and Mukwano.
Although there are plenty of mangoes in Uganda, most farmers produce for small-scale consumption only.
Mangoes are usually harvested in a single season across the country. Century Bottling Co hopes to collect the fruits during the season, from which juice will be extracted and preserved for production of juice throughout the year.