Low-cost processing solutions

A British supplier offers simple, low-cost solutions to manufacturers in the food, beverages, dairy, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and agri-chemical industries world-wide.
Centriplant Rebuilds & Tank Co is a family-owned company which has been in operation since 1976. It aims to provide customers with good quality used equipment and tanks which can be re-engineered to meet specific requirements, at competitive prices.
It has available a wide range of new and used machinery for processing and packaging; for mixing liquids and powders; filling, closing capping or labelling a range of containers; line feed and package end-of-line; pumps, pipework and fittings. The company has in stock over 2,000 new and used vessels for storage, mixing and processing.
The company produces a range of easy-to-use semi-automatice equipment – for instance a semi-automatic self-adhesive label applicator suitable for patch or wrap-around labels.
Centriplant also undertakes project work and purchases used plants and equipment. It has, for example installed a pineapple processing and packaging line in Uganda, and supplied a distillation plant ot Kenya to be used in a pilot project to distil oil from the locally-grown leleshwa shrub.
Centrilift is its division specialising in decommissioning, dismantling, transportation and installation of machines, tanks and complete plants.
Centriplant: Tel +44-1483 271507; fax +44-1483 278183; sales@centriplant.co.uk ; www.centriplant.co.uk