Letaba Citrus Processors

Letaba Citrus Processors (LCP), a well-established company since 1961, continues to make its mark as a leading supplier of quality concentrated fruit juice, nectar, squash, drinks and fruit and vegetable puree to the South African and international market.
As a long-standing preferred supplier to a number of prominent South African and global beverage companies with a significant retail footprint, LCP is successfully exporting to Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya and Nigeria.
LCP was started as a joint venture between John Schlesinger and the Minute Maid Company of the US. When Coca-Cola bought Minute Maid, LCP became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company. In 1985 LCP became wholly owned by African Realty Trust (Pty) Ltd (ART).
ART consists of two citrus farms, Letaba Estates and Richmond Estates, as well as Letaba Citrus Processors. This makes ART the largest citrus fruit grower, exporter and processor in southern Africa.
From its advanced facility, LCP is able to extract, concentrate, process and blend a diverse range of citrus and sub-tropical fruit products. Although not limited to these, LCP's product list includes concentrates, comminutes and subtropical fruit purees such as mango, guava, papaya and banana.
LCP also specialises in developing unique concentrate blends as per our customer requirements.
We supply our products in a variety of packaging. LCP's own brand, "Letaba Caddy Shack", prominently features in Limpopo province in South Africa as six preserved fruit nectars in three different sizes: 1-litre, 2-litre and 5-litre. This product is shelf-stable for six months at ambient temperature. The range has recently been extended to include dairy concentrate blends in six fruit varieties.
LCP's standard formulations include 15 different 100% juice concentrate blends and 10 different nectar concentrates. We supply 400ml and 2.9-litre hot-packed cans and 5-litre frozen bag-in-box.
Our packing capability includes packing products frozen, aseptic, hot-packed or preserved according to customer requirements. In each and every pack size we can especially formulate as per customer need (volume permitting) or supply LCP's range of formulations.
The plant has also developed commercial uses for byproducts of processing such as citrus oils used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The peel is also dried to make cattle feed or used as organic fertiliser.
All effluent generated by the plant is also processed to make it suitable to spray on our own golf course located near LCP.    
LCP combines sophisticated processing technology with high quality ingredients to deliver world class products. Our facility is HACCP-accredited and we are a member of the German-based quality juice association SGF and the South African Association of the Flavour & Fragrance Industry.
Our on-site quality assurance laboratories and highly qualified quality assurance team assist our highly skilled production team to deliver consistent products of superior quality and value.
With 1.2 million litre concentrate bulk tank storage and cold and freezer storage, with total capacity of over 35,000×200-litre drums, we can guarantee all-year availability of our products. We also have extremely effective partners in the supply chain to ensure that we deliver as per customer requirement – no matter where in Africa.