Leading categories of customers

What categories of businesspeople should consider an Agrex mill?

  • Conventional maize and wheat millers, including those who supply for non-branded purposes – for instance for retailer housebrand supply, to bakeries, and for catering companies. This category ranges across many different types of products – from cattle feed to the most sophisticated cereal-based products.
  • Small and specialist bakeries which use specialist flours which must currently be imported, attracting import tariffs.
  • Producers of powdered products and spices.
  • Where countries are "starting from scratch" – for instance Angola – in building up milling capacity. Agrex mills perform well in this situation against large installations because they can be located both close to production areas and/or markets.
  • For empowerment – for instance, where a large processor, brewer or retailer, wants to encourage local production and processing.
  • For supply to specialised markets – particularly of inputs to the processed food industry
  •   Producers of products which use expensive fats and oils. Because Agrex mills are "dry", the germ can be taken out of maize, and flour made from this mill stream is rich in fat (9%). It can substitute for example, palm oil. Biscuit makers, for instance, are currently paying around $2,000/t for palm oil, the price of which has more than trebled in the past year. Traditionally, germ went to animal feed at very low prices. Large millers either do not produce these kind of fractions, or they are a by-product and an approximation for the specific applications; now they can be produced exactly to specification, and often more cheaply.

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