Flavourome opens office in Lagos

Flavourome, a leading South African-based flavours and ingredients solution company, has opened an office in Lagos, Nigeria in a joint venture with Nigerian flavour company Mikado.
For the past nine years Flavourome has been Firmenich’s distributor in South Africa. Mikado has similarly been an agent for Firmenich in Nigeria. Firmenich, the second largest flavour company in the world, and largest privately-owned flavour and fragrance company, has been producing flavours for over 100 years.
Firmenich itself focuses on servicing its multi-national customers; Flavourome services other clients.
Flavourome was recently given overall responsibility for servicing Firmenich’s other clients in all sub-Saharan African countries. This prompted it to enter into the joint venture with Mikado in Nigeria to service the West Africa region.
Flavourome currently services other Southern and East African countries directly from its offices in Midrand, near Johannesburg. It  has plans to set up an office in East Africa in the future.
Flavourome has a wide range of flavours, colours, sweeteners and fortification (vitamins and mineral blend) products to offer companies throughout Africa.
In flavours, its specialities (though it covers the full spectrum of sweet and savoury flavours applications) are:

  • Beverages – Flavourome is offering the new Cola Heart concept. The customer specifies what kind of cola is required – for instance a cinnamon, lemon or lime cola – and Flavourome offers building-block options, helping the client to develop a unique product. Again here, there is a partnership between the client and Flavourome. Says John Dlamini, Flavourome’s export director: “In other words, we come up with an end-product in which the customer has a strong say.”
  • Emulsions for the beverage market – tailor-made flavour emulsions are offered to the market . These are quality flavours with lower dosages for drinks and cordials.
  • Flavours for the dairy market – particularly for fruit yoghurts, drinking yoghurts and flavoured milks.
  • Flavours for the biscuit market, including for shortbread (a butter-vanilla paste which can be used on its own or as a base).
  • Confectionery – flavours for chews and hard candies.
  • Savoury. Here again, Flavourome tailor-makes products. For instance, stock cubes where it can either provide the full formulation so that the client only adds salt; or it can provide only the flavour. Soups are another specialisation.

Besides Firmenich, Flavourome has a number of other agencies for colours, sweeteners and fortificants.  
These agencies include:

  • Colourome, offering natural and artificial colours.
  • Sugatella, offering sweetener blends and artificial sweetener formulas, tailor-made. These can be used, for instance in dairy products, ice lollies and carbonated soft drinks. The correct combinations of artificial sweeteners can both improve the taste of the end-product, as well as reduce costs.
  • Vitarome, specialising in vitamins and minerals.

Dlamini says that Flavourome helps its customers throughout Africa from the developing stages of a product to its completion.
Says Dlamini: ”We have our own laboratories in SA where clients can visit to undertake development. Alternatively, our technical staff will travel to other countries to experience those markets first-hand, and undertake development there.”
“We are orientated towards full solutions for our clients.”  
Typically in a project, Flavourome will supply added-value components like flavours, vitamins, colours, and sweeteners in a single solution.
Flavourome has strong teams of food technologists:

  • One unit specialising in confectionery and biscuits.
  • One unit specialising in dairy and beverage products.
  • One unit specialising in savoury products.

Flavourome also has full access to Firmenich technology – including Firmenich’s technical team in Geneva, Switzerland.

John Dlamini: Tel +27-11-805-8294;
mobile: +27-83-374-4009, johnd@flavourome.co.za ; website: www.flavourome.co.za