Gari "soakings", produced by Hords of Ghana, form a shelf-stable quick meal (in fact they are called Kwik Meal) sold commonly as a snack in Ghana. Consumers just add cold water.
/~One variant has gari with milk, sugar and peanuts; another has gari with milk, sugar and cocoa.
The container is transparent so you see what you get.
Hords says the Kwik Meal Gari Soakings are rich in calcium, carbohydrates and have some fat.
The use of dried products avoids a host of shelf life and shelf stability issues. In fact the Ghanaian samples that this publication received in July 2008 were stamped "best before: December 2009" – 18 months!

  • Gari is made from fresh cassava, which is grated and the excess liquid is then squeezed out. In the traditional, undried product, the remaining cassava is then fried over an open fire in a broad metal pan. The resultant product is crisp and crunchy to taste, and can be stored easily. It can be eaten with savoury dishes or soaked with water and eaten with milk and sugar.

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