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Coke bets big in Africa
With a brand-new $130-million bottling plant just opened in Mozambique, the beverage giant sees sweet opportunity for further growth in the region.

The paper-bag revolution
Moving packaged dry goods in paper bags has always been risky because of leakage and contamination issues. Now Bosch has come up with a revolutionary paper-bag solution to tackle these challenges.

It’s GO for GMO-free milling
South Africa’s neighbours don’t want its GMO-maize. So one South African company has seized the opportunity and is opening the country’s first dedicated GMO-free maize milling operation.

A show for Africa, by Africa
The upcoming food & drink technology Africa show in Johannesburg brings together key players in the African food and beverage sector. It’s a must-visit for the industry.

Make farming glamorous
Nigeria’s former president Olusegun Obasanjo has made an impassioned plea to get young Africans back to the land and dispel the myth that farming is a dead-end road to poverty. Meanwhile, the African Development Bank has a multi-billion dollar investment strategy to transform agriculture.

Fingers on the Pulse
2016 is The Year of the Pulse and we look at the importance of this key food group for addressing food security issues on the continent.

Think big with small fish
Wild fish found in in Africa’s drylands could play a vital role in meeting nutrition needs, says the FAO. We look deeper at the issue.