Injection moulded plastic crate specialists

MCG Industries is a manufacturer of injection moulded plastic crates, containers, chairs and pallets for all types of industries.

MCG serves diverse markets, including the beer, beverage, agricultural, dairy, materials handling, bread and poultry industries. MCG also has a range of chairs and seats designed for schools, auditoriums and stadiums. 
Sophisticated CAD/CAM design techniques are employed to supply a custom-designed product that will demonstrate its advanced design and manufacturing expertise. Through the support of a licenced agreement and partnership with SAS (Schoeller Arca Systems) the global leader in crate innovation, MCG is allowed access to the latest technological advances.

Quality control
MCG’s Plastics Injection Moulding factories are situated in Malvern, Johannesburg and Montague Gardens, Cape Town. Both plants have an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. The Johannesburg facility’s laboratory caters for a wide range of testing of raw materials, intermediates, as well as finished products. All incoming raw materials are subjected to key analyses like melt flows and densities. The laboratory also boasts a dedicated colour laboratory for performing colour determinations on incoming master batches as well as finished products.
The manufacturing process is controlled by the use of online statistical process control techniques, which aids in elimination of non-conformances, scrap and reworks.
Final products are subjected to various destructive tests like stress corrosion, incline impact and rapid compression in dedicated destructive test labs, all of which aids in providing a product that is able to withstand usage conditions in the trade. DinnermatesSDE
The department is set up to meet all testing requirements as set by our customers.
The laboratory staff actively works on setting the optimal product formulations and specifications through running of trial batches and working with approved suppliers, in order to achieve the best possible product integrity.

The recycling divisions in Cape Town and Johannesburg are able to process both high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). Through an advanced and automated process of grinding, chipping, treating and re-pelletising, the recycling division is able to ultimately produce recycled material of an excellent grade.MCG ensures, through stringent quality control mechanisms, that the recycled polymer is fit for purpose and can be comfortably utilised again in the manufacture of certain products.
This operation is very important from an environmental perspective, as it reduces the number of discarded and disused crates and containers in South Africa. With the increasing cost of landfill and the need to recycle, the collection of waste plastics is becoming a high priority and the recycling of plastic is thus paramount.
MCG Industries is a BEE-accredited enterprise.
MCG Industries: Tel +27 11 677 1200 or +
27 21 551 2310; www.mcgindustries.com