Donaldson Filtration Systems’ product offering in the food and beverage Industry is unparalleled.
Donaldson CAD is focused on our clients needs in the process, compressed air, gas and steam areas. Donaldson CAD strives to offer outstanding customer service with products that exceed the technical requirements while still satisfying the budget constraints.
/~In the plant room, Donaldson filtration and drying products guarantee that compressed air entering the manufacturing or processing environment is free of any unwanted impurities.
Visual indicators and instrumentation offer confirmation of the air quality prior to the compressed air’s approach to the processing areas. Donaldson Process filter housings are available in both 304 and 316 stainless steel for working temperatures up to 200°C. The wide range of filter medias to fit these housings allows us to meet the most stringent of specifications.
Vent filters are an exciting new addition to CAD’s process product line.
These filters are designed for mounting on product storage tanks to eliminate the risk of contamination during the filling or draining of the vessel.The P-BE series will ensure 100% sterility in the storage of pharmaceutical products, containers of DI water, food, chemicals, and/or the deaeration of fermenters.
The user-friendly two-piece housing has splash-protection to prevent liquids coming in contact with the filter medium and causing it damage. Twelve different housing sizes and various connection options allow for easy adaptation of the filter to satisfy customer requirements.
Volume flows are from 4.5 to 2.010 cu metres per hour at 1 bar (2.6 to 1.180 cfm at 14.7 psi).
Donaldson Ultrafilter’s modular design allows for different filter elements, according to the application to be used in these housings.
As well as sterile depth filters there is a choice between hydrophobic polypropylene or teflon membrane filters with retention rates down to 0.01µm.
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