Improving coffee extraction

Modern Process Equipment (MPE) of the US has developed a new coffee grinder that allows users to control the average grind size and introduce a percentage of smaller particles or "fines", into the grinding process to improve coffee extraction characteristics.


This innovative technology is Plurimodal Grinding, also known as Bi-Modal Grinding.

Specifically, for pod producers, Plurimodal Grinding allows for an increase in the extraction time, packing density and amount of froth created during extraction without ruining the optimal flavor profile. For all coffee producers, Plurimodal Grinding keeps coffee temperatures low and increases grind consistency, achieving a better end product.

In addition, MPE also recently launched the Model RT ("Real Time") Coffee Granulizer. The Model RT measures ground coffee size and density immediately upon exiting the grinder. This eliminates the need to capture samples, perform lab analysis and make manual adjustments.

With the Model RT, producers can increase product consistency, reduce "off-spec" material and improve coffee characteristics. Some existing MPE units may also be fitted with Real Time Technology. The company is a leader in coffee processing equipment and also offers pharmaceutical grinding equipment.

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