Hot peppers to be processed in northern Uganda

A new hot pepper processing firm has opened in Entebbe, targeting Uganda’s northern districts of Lira, Kitgum and Gulu for supplies.

According to Jussi Ohisalo, MD of Arilio Chili Production Ltd, farmers will be required to harvest and dry the pepper and sell it to the firm for processing. The farmers will be contacted through their member organisations which belong to the North East Chili Producers Association (NECPA).
NECPA chairperson, Helen Acham, says that the association has over 466 pepper-producing associations, with each group comprising of about 13-60 members.
Ohisalo explains that Arilio is likely to buy the peppers at Shs 7,000 ($2.65) a kilogram from NECPA. NECPA buys from farmers who are not in the groups at a farmgate price of Shs 5,500 ($2.08) per kilogram, while group members earn Shs 6,000 ($2.27) per kilogram.
Arilio has already started producing powdered chilli on a small-scale basis. The firm intends to start producing liquid chilli for both local consumption and export. Ohisalo says that while the processed chili will be mostly for export to America and Finland, a substantial amount of the proceeds from the exports will be put into a special fund that will be channeled to people in the north to educate them on sustainable farming. “We will select communities and engage them in training for two years and we see how it works.” – The Observer