Green energy from Kenya

A Kenyan green technology firm has teamed up with Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology near Nairobi to develop biogas systems for cooking and provide cheap domestic electricity. Livestock waste is used to produce the biogas, in digesters that are usually buried or laid in trenches.
Pioneer Technologies, which is manufacturing the digesters, says there are three types, priced from $500 to $2,000, depending on size.
"The digesters are built to capture the gas from the decomposing waste. It is then transmitted through outlets on the top to homes or institutions where it is used by specially-made biogas burners", says MD Samuel Nene. 
"The exhausted waste goes through another outlet as organic fertiliser which is more refined than the original manure."
Biogas generators convert the gas to electricity for use by rural households. "All this helps conserve the environment and reduce bills," said Nene. – Spore magazine
Pioneer Technologies: