Granor Passi supplies fruit concentrates to Africa

South Africa's largest fruit processor and fruit concentrate producer, Granor Passi, has been increasing its exports of fruit juice concentrates and nectars from South Africa to customers in southern, central and West African countries. The nectar concentrates are generally supplied according to the fruit content levels as required by law in South Africa (ranging from 50% fruit content for orange nectar to 20% for guava nectar).
However in Nigeria, the state food standards organisation NAFDAC requires higher percentages of fruit concentrate in nectars. Accordingly, these have been made especially by Granor Passi for its customers in that market.
Generally, higher sweetness levels are required in the rest of Africa to those in the South African market. Accordingly, these are supplied.
For smaller-volume orders, Granor Passi supplies according to a standard list of formulated products. But for anything more, it formulates specifically and especially for individual clients.
Niel van Rensburg, marketing manager of Granor Passi, says another area of growing demand from the rest of Africa is for 100% fruit juice blends. These are sold in bulk packages, to be repackaged locally so that customers can offer products to compete with fully-imported Tetra-packed final-form products. These more economical repackaged products have so far been particularly successful in Zimbabwe as they sell at lower prices than cartoned juice products which are imported in final packaged form.
Granor Passi fruit preparations, particularly for mixing into yoghurts, are another area of growing demand in the rest of Africa. These are generally preserved with potassium sorbate to give them a three month shelf life. They also have the advantage that they impart sufficient preservative to the final yoghurt product for them to have an extended shelf life.
Granor Passi currently produces about 200 different formulations and about 60 standard products. Its standard product categories are: fruit juice concentrates, pulps and purees, fruit nectars, drinks, squashes, dairy fruit blends, stabiliser bases and fruit bases.
Among its main products are juices, pulps and blends (of  oranges, lemons, grapefruit, mangoes, guavas, bananas, papayas, apples and apricots).
Granor Passi is a member of SGF, the German-based international juice standards organisation.

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