Good packaging should last 5-7 years

So says Cape Town-based packaging designer, Vanessa Fogel, who believes that packaging is a vital component in building long-lasting relationships with consumers.

“The average consumer (in South Africa) spends less than five seconds in-store making a decision whether or not to pick up your product, so your packaging needs to be on target to the right audience with the right message. Getting your packaging right will allow your product to connect with the consumer and build a relationship with him/her; but getting your packaging wrong will probably move your product to the bargain bin area.”

Design considerations
Numerous new products are introduced into the marketplace every year, so how can your product compete, not only with the established brands, but also with the many new products that are continually being introduced and competing against each other, for a tighter market share?
Fogel says that the simple answer, which actually provides the most value for money in terms of investment, is the packaging. The right packaging with the right message will rise above the competitive landscape as an effective marketing tool.
Good package design should last you 5-7 years, if done correctly. This will give you time to establish your brand base and to build an excellent brand footprint.
Fogel suggests that you consider the following questions when beginning your packaging design process:
•     What makes your product unique from your competitors?
•     Is it new and innovative?
•     Is it simple, convenient and easy-to-use?
•     Is it good value for money?
•     Does it make you feel good and special?
•     Does it inspire a feeling of trust and loyalty?
•     Is it harmful to the environment?
•     Does it appeal to your emotional and sensual needs?
•     How does your product compete in terms of what consumers want and need?
•     Would your product be the envy of others?
•     Is your product aspirational?
•     Finally, does the packaging say “buy me”?
Design tips
Fogel also advises that you work closely with your packaging designer, and:
•     Stick to the basic design rules, but try and be innovative, even if it is just through the use of different paper or varnishes.
•     Always keep the design simple; don’t over-complicate the process.
•     Do not change your packaging too often.
•     Make sure your name, branding and message are strong.
•     Make sure that the printing and production costs of your packaging are realistic.
•     Do market research and know your facts, before starting the design process.