Ghana – Cashew development

A USAID report on West Africa’s cashew industry shows that the region has assumed a new status as a major supplier of raw cashews, accounting for almost a third of the world’s cashew output.
/~Ghana’s exported raw cashew nuts reached 47,000t in 2006. Less than half of Ghana’s export is derived from domestic sources – most comes from cross-border trading.
Now, there are plans to process the cashew locally which would increase cashew revenues greatly. The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) is therefore inviting investors to expand the industry through processing. The products obtained from cashew nuts include cashew kernels of different flavours, cashew butter and cashew nut shell liquid for industrial use.
GIPC says processing in Ghana is a recent development undertaken by unskilled personnel with inadequate capacity to handle large volumes required for the export market. Local demand for cashew kernels is currently estimated at over 40t/year, but only about 33t is processed locally.
GIPC also says about 3.24m hectares of suitable land is available to investors interested in growing cashew nuts for local and international markets.
An estimated 60,000 hectares of land is currently under cultivation, with annual production of about 22,000t of raw cashew nuts.
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