Gerhard Unger and soy

World soybean production outstrips that of other major oilseeds, and its versatility in foods and proven health attributes have brought about worldwide acceptance. As a specialist in process technology, Gerhard Unger views soybean processing as an extremely important opportunity, and we intend to become the leader in the industry," says director Frik Scheepers.
"To fast-track the process, we have brought on board a US-trained chemical engineer with in-depth knowledge of soybean processing."
Besides soy technology, Gerhard Unger's products and services  encompass syrup plants, margarine plants, concentrate plants, brewing plants, clean-in-place installations, high-pressure cleaning plants, and the supply of soda fountain systems.
Since 1976 Gerhard Unger has engineered hundreds of automated process plants. It recently completed a major syrup plant upgrade for Coca-Cola in central Africa. All Unger process plants are manufactured at its Edenvale, South Africa, facility and, after testing, are commissioned by its technicians as far afield as Eritrea, Nigeria, Madagascar, and Seychelles.
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