For small producers and processors

The Dutch-based Agromisa Foundation has available a number of publications aimed at providing small-scale producers and processors in developing countries with information on sustainable practices and appropriate technology. Agromisa was established in 1934 and is linked to Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands.
The texts can be downloaded free of charge from its website in English, French and Portugese.
Topics included are the preservation of fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, the preparation of dairy products, marketing for small-scale producers, protection of stored grains and pulses, and the storage of tropical agricutural products.
One booklet offers guidelines for the production of weaning foods with locally-available ingredients, focusing on recipes from African countries such as Malawi, Tanzania, Niger, Nigeria, Ghana and Benin.
The booklets on preservation of foodstuffs deal with food decay in general and the various methods of preservation. For meat and fish, for instance, these are salting, drying, smoking, canning, cooling and freezing; and the fermentation of fish.
For vegetables and fruit, chapters deal with jam- and juice-making, drying and salting.
The booklet on preparation of dairy products introduces simple techniques, opportunities and recipes. Chapters are dedicated to hygiene and the causes for deterioration and spoilage of milk; the processing techniques of pasteurisation, cooling, souring and creaming; starter cultures and their preparation and maintenance; recipes for general and regional dairy products (including sour cream, buttermilk, ghee, koa, rabi, yoghurt and kefir); and cheese-making.
The booklet on marketing for small-scale producers deals with the principles of trade, pricing, food security, production management, financing and co-operatives.

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