Food industry to benefit from Donaldson process filtration solutions

Sterile conditions can improve the marketing potential of perishable foods. Such fragile foods as dairy products can enjoy a longer shelf life which might allow the opening of new markets as well as reduced product loss. Sterile conditions improve the manufacturing process and play a key role in consistent product quality.

Donaldson process filtration
To achieve the required sterile conditions Donaldson process filtration offers a complete range of products which meet the high demands of the dairy and other food and beverage industries; it also assists in compliance with any applicable government food manufacturing regulations.
Donaldson process filtration provides solutions for gases, liquids and steam, whether they come into contact with the products during manufacturing or are the end products.
Applications include food and beverage, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, electronics, paint, packaging, air, gas and water filtration.
Where quality requirements are exceptionally high, Donaldson process filtration offers a selection of filters that enable you to reach the maximum purity standards.
New deep filter medium
Recently Donaldson has presented a new series of sterile filter elements for process air treatment. The heart of the filter element is the new deep filter medium with a hydrophobic plasma coating. The water-repellent coating gives the elements higher resistance in CIP (clean-in-place) processes and also reduces the differential pressure during drying after steam sterilisation. For the user, this means higher reliability and a long service life of the elements under the most diverse operating conditions.
The pleating of the filter medium also has the effect of increasing efficiency. This significantly increases the effective filter area so that a very high particle absorbance capacity is achieved and the differential pressure remains constant over long periods in use.
Donaldson’s South African manufacturing facilities are situated in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
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