Flavours, extenders and spray drying

Savoury Food Industries has been making savoury flavours based on hydrolysed vegetable proteins (HVPs) and brewers yeast pastes and powders for over 60 years.

Specialising in beef, chicken and vegetables the company’s products are found throughout Africa, wherever stews, sauces, marinades, pizza bases, meat, and other flavourings are used.
Savoury Food Industries’ products offer many benefits by marrying cost-effectiveness, high quality and consistency with a solid base of technical innovation.
The results are products which can be customised to individual needs, while maintaining their core benefits.
In addition to these products, the company can also offer, tomato, garlic and onion extenders which can be used where the taste of the real products needs to be extended, to give substantial cost benefits without compromising quality.
With the addition of a third spray drying tower Savoury Food Industries can now offer spray drying of sweet and savoury flavours at volumes from 500kg to 10t at prices that are competitive, combined with exceptional quality and high yields.
If any of these products are presently used or could be used in your product range, please contact Bokomo Savoury Foods:hmeyer2@pioneerfoods.co.za or swaters@pioneerfoods.co.za