Flash attention to your brand on the shelf

One of the latest devices to attract shoppers in-store, the shelf illuminator, was given the thumbs-up in a recent Markinor survey in South Africa. According to the survey, 82% of shoppers found the shelf illuminator was effective in influencing brand trial of the advertised brand.
The South African distributor of the device claims the shelf illuminator is a world-first in-store innovation.
The device is battery-operated. It illuminates the shelf in front of a chosen product with a sharp, flashing light. The unit only operates during store hours, saving the life of the battery.
Brand managers of Danao (yoghurt), Nature Valley and Jungle Oats (both breakfast cereals) have recently applied the shelf illuminator to attract attention to their products.
Danao verified the impact on sales by this media by measuring the volumetric off-take of Danao sales in 25 stores where the shelf illuminator was installed, versus stores without it. Results showed volumetric growths ranging from 12% to 111% in stores fitted with the device, according to Primedia Instore.
The total average incremental growth in stores where the shelf illuminator was applied, was 37%.
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